I’m unsure where to go from here with this blog.  It has been a great source of motivation for me and now that I’m where I want to be, I’m not quite sure how to continue.  In fact, I’m not even quite sure what to write in this post!

Instead of closing the blog down, I will instead set everything to private.  I do have big plans in the fitness world and I want to keep this blog available for when everything is rolled out.  For now, you can always catch up with me here at


From there you’ll find links to my website, portfolio and makeup blog.  Before I end this, I want to thank everyone who has commented or emailed – you’ve made my journey so much easier than if I had done it alone.  I’m still around on  Twitter (24/7 lol)  and you can always contact me through my other blog and website.  With that, I wish you all well and hope to see you elsewhere on the net!